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Equal and Just Society by Reducing Gender-Based Violence in Rautahat District


Project Title: Equal and Just Society by Reducing Gender-Based Violence in Rautahat District

Funding Agency: Islamic Relief Nepal/IR Canada

Project Period: September 2020 to 30 October 2022

Target Area: Rajpur and Rajdevi Municipality of Rautahat District


The project has been providing support to the identified women/girl victim of GBV and those who are at risk of GBV and provide them need based support (Livelihood, build awareness on their rights and entitlements etc.) leading to socio economic empowerment. The project has been intervening community-based activities led by women group/youth clubs and children clubs with technical and capacity building support form Islamic Relief Nepal and RDC Nepal.


  • Reduced incidents of gender-based violence among individuals, primarily women and girls in Rautahat district, Nepal
  • GBV survivors and at-risk population in Rautahat district are economically empowered
  • Strengthened institutional systems to address GBV cases.

Key Achievement:

  • 86 GBV survivors and at-risk girls and women were supported with vocation training/education support/income generation/livelihood/psychological to survive and livelihood empowerment.
  • 900 vulnerable and at-risk people were involved in awareness activities through door-to-door visit, drama, days celebration, training, and orientations.
  • Local level system strengthening is ongoing in two municipalities through capacity building on gender and protection issues to elected member, security forces, women cell, religious leaders.
  • Counseling service provided 42 GBV survivors for psychological support has helped to them to normalize the life and economic empowerment.

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