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Municipality Level Project Advisory Committee Formation


In support of UNDP, RDC Nepal has coordinated, facilitated and organized the event for formation of Municipality Level Project Advisory Committee (MPAC) under SCDP program. To form MPAC, a meeting was held at Paroha municipality meeting hall on June 9, 2018, in which Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Wards Commissioners, Chief Administrative Officer and representatives of health, education, agriculture departments were present. In the meeting, program coordinator presented the process of MPAC formation and role and responsibilities of vital position of committee. Participants shared their views on MPAC formation and lastly 16 members MPAC was formed. It was formed to increase the capacity on coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the projects being implemented in the municipal area by Chief Administrative Officer and Mayor of the municipality along with heads of sectoral offices. Due to formation of MPAC,  local stakeholders will show their readiness to contribute to the projects at municipal level and have an enabling environment to implement the program and solve encountered issues through discussion & interaction.

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