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Climate Change Adaptation & Advocacy Project in Nepal


Climate Change Adaptation & Advocacy Project in Nepal implemented by Rural Development Centre Nepal with aids from Oxfam in Nepal has been initiated from April 2023 at Chandrapur municipality, Rautahat, Madhesh Province. The main objective of the project is to create awareness among the local community people, members of the various groups, local government bodies and relevant stakeholders on the Climate issues, its contributing factors, adaptation & mitigation measures so that the people at the risk and the concerned authorities become sensitize on the issues and try to adopt/practice Climate Change Adaptation Measures, Disaster Risk Reduction & Management measures, allocate fund for preparedness & response on these future unseen circumstances and amend the policy/acts related to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction & Management. In overall, the project has focused on the awareness raising & sensitization regarding climate & disaster, support on the Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices/technologies/methods for combatting climate induced disasters keeping in consideration of economic growth of farmer, afforestation of open & degraded land, promotion of nature based solutions for flood control, establishment/scaling up of forest-based enterprises for CFUGs, policy/acts formulation related to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction & Management and facilitation of meeting for allocation of budget on Climate and Disaster sector on local annual planning process. The project has mainly targeted local community people dependent on Agriculture & Forestry for their livelihoods who are at the risk of unseen adverse impacts on near future by awareness raising, support, lobby & advocacy at the concerned places.

Project Objective:

By 2025, resilience capacities of communities who are dependent on agriculture and forestry under the changing climate condition are increased through climate advocacy and actions.

Key Achievements:

  • Message dissemination related to Climate Change (via. Television), Flood, Cold wave (via. FM Radio station).
  • Orientation on Impact of Climate Change to members of FGs, CFUGs, CBOs, CSOs, Cooperatives, local government bodies & relevant stakeholders.
  • Support and promotion of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices/methods/technologies. (Demonstration site: SRI system of Rice Production, Wheat & Rapeseed Production and Production under Polyhouse – 2; CSA materials support: Bamboo polyhouse – 10, Plastic Mulching – 06, Drip Irrigation – 02, Electric motor – 02 and Vermi-compost production – 05)
  • Establishment and scaling up of forest based enterprises (Apiculture – 02, Duna Tapari – 01 and Silage Production – 01)
  • Formulation of Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Act at Chandrapur municipality.

Specific Objective:

  • To improve awareness of local communities on climate change to assist them to take appropriate decisions with respect to their life, livelihoods, and society under the condition of changing climate.
  • To improve knowledge and access of communities to adopt climate smart agriculture technologies and nature-based solutions for diversifying livelihoods and improving incomes.
  • To advocate and influence the local governments to have a legal instrument and fund to address local issues on climate change adaptation and disaster management.


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