Donor and Projects

RDC Nepal Ongoing Projects:

SNFunding AgencyProject NameProject Area
1KinderNotHilfe GermanyReducing Child Labor in Gujara Municipality of RautahatRautahat
2Islamic Relief Worldwide1-Accelerating Actions to Reduce Gender-Based Violence (GARV) Project-IR
2-Earthquake Response

Jajarkot & Rukum
3OXFAM International1-Climate Change Adaptation and Advocacy (C-CAAP) Project
2-Alternative Model Management-Safe Water
4EU/ OXFAMEnhancing CSOs Roles as Key Development Partners for Climate Resilient
Policies and Practices in Province 2
Rautahat & Saptari
5World Vision International1. Protection and Community Engagement Sponsorship Technical Program (PCESP)
2. Nutrition Resilient
3. Livelihood Technical
6Qatar Charity1. Nepal Integrated Development Program
2. Sponsorship Program-Orphan Children
3.Small Scale Business Support
4. Swallow Tubewell Project
5. Toilet Construction
6. School Building Construction
7. Small Irrigation Support Program
8 Districts of Madhesh Province
7World Education / UNDPSupport to School community in Remote Area for Pandemic Prevention & Green Recovery (SGR) Rautahat

RDC Nepal Accomplished Projects:

SNFunding AgencyProject NameProject Area
1UNICEFCOVID Response Child Protection in Emergency8 Districts of Madhesh Province
2World Vision International1. Protection- Community Engagement
2. Inclusive Playful Parenting for a better childhood  
3. Gift CatLog
4. COVID 19 Recovery in Nepal (Immunization Support)- Astella
5. ANCP Nepal Cover Response- Phase 2
3UNICEF1-Gender Assessment Program
2-Re-integration of Children Associated with Armed Force & Armed Group, Mine Risk Education program
4UNICEF-World Education1- Education in Emergency Support Flood Affected Children in Nepal.
2-Equity and Inclusion in Education
3- Early Grade Learning Program
5World Education1- Human Liberty Initiatives project (Human trafficking, Exploitation, Slavery & Cross Border Program)
2- Madrasa mainstreaming program
3- School as Zone of Peace (SZOP)
4-Sang Sangai- The Learning Together Program (Formal & Non Formal Education)
5-Enabling Writer
6-Safe Migration
7-Sakriya (Child Labor related Research Based Project)

Bara & Rautahat


1-Safe Water for Poor Rural
Community of Southern
Terai (Safe Water Project)
2-Disaster Risk management & Humanitarian Preparedness
3-Flood emergency support
4-Earthquake Proof Building Construction
5-Disaster Risk management & WASH – HCI program
6-Creating Spaces to take action on violence against Women and Girls
7-Emergency Public Health Intervention for COVID-19 (EPHIC-19) in Rautahat District
7Islamic Relief Nepal

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief
Worldwide, Qatar Charity and Start Fund

1-Nutritional Food Support
2-Ramadan Support Program
3-Winterization program
4-Ensuring child protection and welfare among marginalized communities in Rautahat Nepal
5-Socio-Economic Recovery Project
6-Equal and Just Society by
Reducing Gender- Based Violence in Rautahat District 
7-Strengthening the Government Capacities to Respond to the COVID -19 For the Migrants in Nepal
8-COVID 19-Resposne
8Plan International Nepal1-Resilience Plus
3-Child Club Strengthening program
4-Capacity Building to Leadership for planning and Budgeting.
5-ROC, UBR and Baal Yuwa Fulwari Radio Program
6-Community Lead Total Sanitation
7-Community Child Centre Development Approach
8-Scholarship program for students
9- Community Lead Total Sanitation
9Qatar Charity1-Shelter and Recovery Support to Nepal Flood Victims 2017
2-Nutritional Food Support to Needy People.
3-Tricycle support for easy mobility
4-Educational Support Program
5-Eye Camp Seminar
6-Winterization Support
7-Nutritional Food Support-Qurbani
8-Housing Program to Ultra-Poor
9- Anticipatory Heat Wave Response
10ADRA NepalFlood Emergency supportRautahat
11ADRA Nepal, UKAID, IDE and Forward NepalELIVES Project (livelihood)Rautahat
12Gaur MunicipalityLGCDP ProgramRautahat
13Rural Development Centre, NepalHepatitis-B ProgramRautahat
14Water & Sanitation Division KathmanduWater and sanitation programRautahat
15DEO RautahatGirls’ education Campaign, Young Champion, Parent EducationRautahat
16Penny Appeal1-Ramdan Food Support Program
2-School Renovation Project
3-Shallow tube well for safe water access
4-Emergency Public Health Response to Vulnerable Communities and Frontline Workers of Rautahat District
Rautahat, Siraha, Mahottari



1-MEDEPA Program
2-Livelihood Recovery Peace Program – Social Mobilization Program
3- Livelihood Recovery Peace Program – Income Generation
4- Micro Enterprise Development Program (MEDEP)
5- Flood Recovery Project through Community Infrastructure and Livelihood Recovery Programme (CILRP)
6-Social Cohesion and Democratic Participation

18SISo NEPALPeer education on life skill training to reducing HIVRautahat
19DFCC, RautahatLivelihood Support & Awareness about forest Rautahat
20UNFPAInternational Girls Day Rautahat
21UN-HabitatODF CampaignRautahat
22International Labour Organization1-Youth Empowerment Program under Jobs for Peace ProjectRautahat
23Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)Rapid response to the severely flood affected. Rautahat & Sarlahi
24District Health Office RautahatSocial Audit on HealthRautahat
25WSSDO RautahatPost ODF/ Awareness on sanitationRautahat
26Y-Peer KTM, RDCYouth Day CelebrationRautahat