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Emergency Public Health Intervention for COVID-19 (EPHIC-19) in Rautahat District


The COVID-19 outbreak was one of the major challenges for Nepal and considering the severity, GoN had declared health emergency. Rautahat district shared Indo-Nepal border, where migration of the people was very high during the outbreak. Despite of local government awareness, prevention and control, the COVID-19 case was increasing rapidly. To prevent and protect most vulnerable communities and families from the outbreak, this intervention was proposed to support frontline worker, quarantine centers, isolation centers, point of entry, health care facilities and communities.

Project Duration: 1 April 2020 to 30 June 2021.
Project Objective: To support community people, quarantine/isolation/health facilities to prepare and prevent COVID-19 transmission.
Funding Partner: Oxfam in Nepal
Target Area: 18 Palikas of Rautahat district.
Total Staffs: 3

Key Achievement

  1. Hygiene kit and mosquito net distributed in the 32 quarantine, isolation centers and communities that helped in improving health and hygiene of 5000 males and 5005 females. Also, 10 oxygen cylinders handed over to DDMC as per the need of Isolation centers, health care facilities and quarantine centers.
  2. Installed temporary bathing units in quarantine and isolation centers promoted personal hygiene and sanitation among 1545 males and 845 females.
  3. Pedal operated handwashing station installed at 69 places of Rautahat district helped to prevent the infection from COVID-19 that benefited 20000 males and 18000 females.
  4. 32 trained volunteers mobilized in different communities, health care facilities and quarantine centers educated the people on hand hygiene transmission of COVID-19 that assisted in behavior change to prevent COVID-19 to reach.
  5. Improvement of 12 toilets of health post at Rajdevi, Ishnath and Paroha municipality assisted 2300 males and 1900 females through establishment of Child, Gender, Disability friendly toilets with focus on Menstrual hygiene management.
  6. Awareness raising on prevention of COVID-19 spread through IEC materials and working together with media which reached out to 350000 population residing in the coverage area.

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