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Interaction on crime against women & children


Description: In support of UNDP Nepal, Oxfam and RDC Nepal, District Police Office (DPO) Rautahat has organized an interaction program on social crimes (crime against women and children). The event was organized in district level to orient key stakeholders for the promotion of social cohesion and democratic participation along with end the social crimes including violence against women and children.

Objectives-  To aware stakeholders about the legal provision of Crime against Women and children and mobilize them in ending such crimes.

The event was held at Meeting Hall of Hotel Siya Place in Gaur Municipality on 6 Sept. 2018, in which 93 stakeholders have participated in which all deputy mayors, mayor, political party’s representatives, DCC members, journalists, advocates, representatives of APF, Nepal Police, and board members of RDC Nepal, Youths, social activists, civil society, teachers, students, and social leaders.

Mahendra Marasaini (DSP of Nepal Police) formally welcomed all the participants and started the event by chairing event president, chief guest, special guest and participants, followed introduction and objective of the program and its future work plan by Mr. Kedar Dhakal (SP, Nepal Police). The workshop held in the chairing of Kedar Dhakal SP and Chief Guest was CDO (Chief District officer) along with deputy mayors all local levels related officers of the municipality and RDC Nepal project staffs.

Advocate Dharmavatar Koirala (District Advocate) presented the legal aspect of social crimes in new Criminal Act 2074 (Faujdari Samhita 2074), focusing on women and children. After his session, the floor was opened for debate and discussion on queries of participants and stakeholders on the topic. Deputy mayors, women network member, and many other participants put their queries in the discussion floor and such queries were answered by the Nepal Police and District Advocate. Participants also shared their experience and challenges at the field level to crimes against women and children.

Outputs: All participants committed to work together and aware people about legal provisions for crime against women and children. They were happy to be updated on Legal arrangements for crime against women and children.

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