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Project Title: Nutrition and Resilient Livelihood Technical Program

Funding Agency: World Vision International Nepal

Project Period: October 2020 to September 2021

Target Area: Madhav Narayan and Garuda Municipalities of Rautahat District


Nutrition and Resilient Livelihood (NRL) and Protection/Community Engagement Sponsorship Plan (P/CESP) Technical Project has been implementing in two municipalities of Rautahat. The program is designed for 5 strategical year and commences from Oct 2020 to Sept 2024. Most Vulnerable Families (MVF) were identified with intense discussion with community people and stakeholders as we believe in community led process before enrolling them into our program. Most vulnerable children (MVC) from MVF were registered in our program after endorsement and recommended by local government authorities. Similarly, rigorous assessment was done before selection of any beneficiaries to be enrolled in this technical project.


  • Empowerment and Protection of children
  • To improve maternal and child feeding and management of malnutrition
  • To ensure children are protected from childhood illness (especially diarrhea and pneumonia)
  • To increase access of families towards food and nutrition and improve food security
  • To improve and establish family income adequacy, security and resilience.

Key Achievement:

  • Total 3546 vulnerable children are enrolled in the Registered Children (RC) and received stationary and other support for development.
  • Critical emergency food support to 100 most vulnerable RC children’s families.
  • In working two municipalities, technical and facilitation support was provided to form child right committee (CRC) to engage in child protection issues.
  • Total 70 health mother groups were re-formed and mobilized in the communities for health messaging to pregnant and lactating women (PLW), U-5 children’s mothers for wellbeing of children and reached to 3893 women.
  • Nutritional food package support was given to 1849 under nourished children to improve their nutrition status.
  • Most vulnerable 850 families were supported with handwashing corner with aim to promote personal hygiene.
  • Business recovery support was provided to 10, Ultra-poor graduation-81 and Agri-input support to 92 most vulnerable families affected by COVID-19 for income generation.
  • Consumption support was provided to 779 families to meet the daily consumption need in the COVID-19 second wave.

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