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Orientation to MPAC members and Key Stakeholders


Orientation to MPAC members and Key Stakeholders

The orientation was given to MPAC members and Key Stakeholders with an objective to inform about the nature and implementation process of program. The program was held at Brahamjyoti Secondary School Paroha Municipality-5 August 4, 2018. Total 46 participants were selected from board members of Paroha municipality, Youths, social activists, teachers, students, local political parties and social leaders.

SCDP project coordinator Mr. Sunil Kumar Sah formally initiated an orientation by welcome speech followed by objective and introduction. The event held in chairing of Mr. Bachu Miya, RDC Nepal Executive Board member and the Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Devnath Yadav, Chief Executive Officer of Paroha Municipality along with other officers of municipality. Orientation sessions were facilitated by Mr. Momtaj Ray Bhant and Madan Ram and the sessions were-

  • Concept of Social Cohesion.
  • Social Cohesion in context of Nepal.
  • Volunteer mobilization procedure guideline 2068.
  • Local Governance and Social Cohesion.

Social cohesion was new topics to the participants and they actively listen orientation sessions. They responded that such topics are necessary in the community for social harmony. It binds two cultures together in social perspective. They also revealed that volunteer work is social service and it should be provided with certain standard procedure. They were pleased to participate and hope to engage in future such activities.

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