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Pre-monsoon Workshop


Rural Development Centre (RDC) Nepal is a non-government organization that is committed to work towards reducing hazards, vulnerability, and resulting disaster in the community and district level. It has been working in disaster inventory, preparedness and advocacy for 8 years in the district. Under DRR-HP project in support of Oxfam in Nepal and the facilitation of RDC Nepal, District Administration Office of Rautahat has organized a pre-monsoon and district Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP) update workshop on 31 May 2019 at the Hotel Siya Palace, Gaur. There were 74 participants consisting of DDMC members, Cluster leaders, civil society, Political parties, Journalists and representatives of organizations working in the disaster sectors. The program was inaugurated and addressed by Mr. Kiran Thapa, Chairperson of DDMC and CDO of Rautahat district. Mr. Ram Ekwal Ray Yadav, Chief of District Coordination Committee addressed the workshop, pointing out the need of preparedness for Rautahat district. There were hazards mapping, Risk ranking, preparedness plan, resource mapping, stock piling and roles and responsibilities of every local government.

In the first session of the workshop, all participants and stakeholders were welcomed by Mr. Dhirendra Ray Yadav, Mayor of Rajdevi Municipality through greetings and welcome speech. Workshop event was facilitated by Mr. Ramadhar Ray Yadav (Resource Person of RDC Nepal) and Mr. Bijay Shah Baniya (DRR-HP Project Coordinator). They also highlighted on the main objectives of the workshop focusing on the importance of DPRP and how it was helpful to immediate response.

The main aim of the workshop was to create awareness and stimulate stakeholders working in disaster preparedness and response to tackle upcoming monsoon flood.

In the second session, interaction was made among stakeholders and necessary information and feedback were collected to update the DPRP of Rautahat district. Superintendent of Armed Police Mr. Krishna Dhakal, District Coordination Committee Vice-chairperson Mr. Ramashis Ray Yadav, Mr. Pandit Jaisawal, Chairperson of Chamber of commerce put their valuable remarks on the program. At the end of program, Chief District Officer Mr. Kiran Thapa gave his remarks and formally ended the workshop. 

Event detail shared on District Administration Office, Rautahat Gaur website link is below. 



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