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The evening of the last Sunday, 31 March 2019 Nepal has experienced its worst tornado in history, resulting in large scale impacts on life, livelihood, and infrastructure across 8 local level of Bara district and few local levels in Parsa district of province 2 of Nepal. Highest numbers of people are affected in the Pheta, Parsauni, Parwanipur, Devtal, Swarna Rural Municipalities, Pacharauta, and Mahagadhimai municipalities and Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan city of Bara district. Tornado has damaged houses, electricity supply, trees, crops, public institutions, brick industries, vehicles, however, the supply chain system is stable due to the impact in pointed areas of 8 local levels. 
In the tragic disaster, 28 people lost their lives, more 668 are injured, many livestock found dead and a huge number are injured in Bara District.
Rural Development Centre Nepal has support to 100 highly affected families of Swarna Rural Municipality, Ward no. 8 Parsurampur Village. We are looking for a more supporting hand to reduce the suffering and restore the lives of affected families.


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