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Socio-economic recovery project


This project is funded by Islamic Relief Nepal which aims to “improve socio economic resilience of vulnerable HHs to rebuild lives that interdependent on sustainable livelihood, diversified income, improved access to WASH and reduced disaster risk profile” for 5055 Number of direct beneficiaries in Paroha and Ishnath municipalities.  The project will majorly focus to those who are most vulnerable and heavily impacted by Livelihood loss, inadequate access to WASH and not experienced the good practices in disaster preparedness and risk reduction interventions such as women, children, youth, persons with disabilities, older people, low-wage workers, workers in small and medium enterprises and the informal sector .

Project Objective:

To improve socio economic resilience of vulnerable HHs to rebuild lives interdependent on sustainable livelihood, diversified income, improved access to WASH and reduced risk profile.

Problem Statement:

Amid Covid-19, people from Paroha & Ishnath Municipality of Rautahat district have poor resilience to rebuild and grow in their lives that interdependent on livelihood Loss, poor access in claiming rights on WASH needs and absence of system wide inclusive risk reduction approach.

Theory of Change:

The theory of change for this project is fairly straightforward: if we provide right based assistance to improve resilience of vulnerable HHs to restore & rebuild their lost livelihood, ensuring claims to their rights on WASH services and developing long term DRR plan interventions, then they would “Build Back Better” their lives. Without this support, the vulnerable households would not be able to regain and further improve their resilience -Livelihood, right to claim WASH and DRR due to lack of financial means, poor linkages with market, lack of skills, absence of effective coordination mechanism with local government and local leadership.

Beneficiaries to be reached:

5055 direct and 7000 indirect beneficiaries of Ishnath and Paroha municipality

Project Duration:

July 2021 to May 2023 (22 months)

Expected outcomes/results:

  1. Market linked livelihood restored with diversified income sources
  2. Improved access to claim rights on WASH facilities
  3. Functional Municipal level disaster preparedness and risk reduction approach

Key Activities:

Livelihood Theme:

  1. Potential trades, gaps in supply chain and potential skills identified through market assessment
  2.  Farmers received farming inputs
  3. Farmer groups received Ago based training
  4. People received in kind/capital to restart business units.

WASH Theme:

  1. Establish effective coordination with Ward/municipality for developing Ward level (with beneficiary details) proposal for accessing hand pumps (Source of safe drinking water).
  2. Community people aware of hygiene practices          
  3. Most vulnerable segment received toilet constriction project support
  4. Cleanliness drive and small scale drainage facilities established.

DRR Theme:

  1. Local disaster and climate resilience plan LDCRP developed
  2. Local and municipal level system are functional ( Task force, MDRMC and MEOC)
  3. Learning opportunities created at local level.

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