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SIYB Training


The Start and Improve Your Business training to cooperative members training was conducted from 20 July 2018 to 21 July 2018, in Himalayan Hotel Hall, Chandrapur Municipality, Rautahat. Thirty-nine participants attended the 2-day short training representing a total of 8 cooperatives members.

SIYB is one of the largest global business management training programs. Its helps small-scale entrepreneurs to start and grow their business, as a training to create more and better employment for men and women. Our current economic system is threatening to undermine the fabric of life that we all depend on for our survival, through the degradation of natural environments all over the world. To change this, economic development must be coupled with a broader understanding of the principles of sustainability and ecology. Instead of just growing, our goal must be to create sustainable communities. When it comes to training, it means that our challenge is not just to teach business skills, but to teach how to sustain the web of life, and to do it in a way that is relevant to poor people who need food on the table. The way to get it is to start a micro enterprise. The aim of this training program is to provide practical business skills in a simple and effective way, and at the same time inspire an integrated understanding of business, community and environment. Hopefully this will help people build healthy and thriving communities.


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