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Muna Adhikari, MEAL Officer

Fulkanchan Yadav, 8 years old female child, RC ID No: NPL213446-1478 is staying with her parents at Garuda Municipality Ward no 06 Pothiyahi, Rautahat District, and Province 2. Ram Biswash Yadav and Uma Yadav are her father and mother respectively. According to her father, “we are 9 family members in our family including me and my wife, six girl child and one son”.

Her father continues, “Daughters respectively Jiru Yadav 20 years old, Rin Yadav 18 years old, Riva Yadav 16 years old, Sunati Yadav 14 years old, Lalo Yadav 13 years old, Fulkanchan Yadav 8 years old are girl child and Golu Yadav 10 years old is my son. All are very well in their physical condition but, she is the child with having physical disability facing problem in her necessary movement. She could not move properly. Her both legs are bow legs, knees are like apart when she stands with the feet and ankles together. We are always worried about her.

She had got enrolled in World Vision International Nepal as a Registered Children on Fiscal Year Janaury, 2021. Her father is a daily wages labor and her family involve in small scale agriculture. He further continues, “the source of income of my family is agriculture and from selling bricks”. Due to this Covid-19 first and second wave they had suffered more financially which made hard to join hands and mouths. But they had managed through the borrowing money from neighbor.

To talk about Fulkanchan family assets, they had a small mud house and land about 5/6 kathha. Likewise, they have toilet and hand pump in their own. But in the aspect of nutrition’s and health/hygiene, all children have found underweight as according to their weight. But all of their health was found satisfactory.

Covid had affected the children’s education and are suffered more because schools remains closed. But they were found of having self-study at their home. Ram Biswash explain more, “I could not manage tuition cost of all child, and they had studied on their own”. The major problem found on the children was, they had spent all their time in playing. There is no different found in two phases of covid because they had managed money borrowed from their neighbor and they have to struggle in their own to gets two times food.

She is from low income family. She is identified as Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) and was supported with consumption support from RDC/WVIN. Along with food items she had supported school bags and hygiene kit too. Fulkanchan shares her happiness as she had supported bag and health related materials to her. In case of her mother Uma Yadav as she had participated in consumption support explore more about the food scarcity in their family on this current situation. So, the provided food items will be helpful to reduce their children hunger and will be enough for around 15-20 days. 

Their current need of their family had been found as they were seeking about financial investment support for their children’s education. They were thankful towards World Vision International Nepal and its interventions towards child well-being and community development as well as will be seeking more interventions in near future too.

Through WVIN intervention one major positive change had seen in their children’s which is their children were positive and interested towards study and happily study due to having new bags, and books. Fulkanchan told that her favorite subject is respectively Nepali, English and Maths. And she aimed to be a teacher in future. Thank You!!!!

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