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National Children Day


The Childrens Day celebration on Bhadra 29 2080/ September 15 2023 to empower children for their rights and voices in Shree Ma Vi Nayabasti School, Katani, Gujara-2. On the same day after, completion of Rally, a Quiz Competition will be organized among 6 child clubs of 6 Secondary schools of Gujara Municipality of below mentioned schools. The winner of the Quiz Competition was Shree Ma Vi Kanakpur, Gujara-4.

SNSchool NameGrades
1Shree Ma Vi Rangpur-Gujara-10-10
2Shree Janpriya Ma Vi Maida-Gujara-20-12
3Shree Ma Vi Nayabasti-Gujara-20-10
4Shree Kankali Ma Vi Jangalsahiya-Gujara-40-12
5Shree Ma Vi Simra bhawanipur-Gujara-90-12
6Shree Ma Vi Kanakpur-Gujara-40-12

Few Glipmses of Quiz Competition and Rally.


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