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Alternative Management Model – Drinking Water Supply Project in Support of Oxfam International


AMM Project is being implemented in Rajpur Municipality of Rautahat district since January 2022 with the partnership of Oxfam. Water supply schemes in the rural/municipality are reconstructed and bundled into one management. Rural water supply management board is established and is under operation.  This project has implementing for the remaining works of the water supply scheme, hygiene promotion and sustainability of the scheme implementing Alternative Management Model (AMM). AMM is an innovation project being implemented in Rautahat district with financial support from Poul Due Jensen Foundation. The project aims to pilot the business model for water system management that help water supply systems in rural setting for improved functionality providing regular access to safe water through reliable, accountable, and efficient service-delivery mechanism at affordable rates. Rural Water Supply Management Board model will be piloted in the municipal level and will use digital technologies in through the board like online payment, centralized account management, complaint and feedback mechanism and innovative technologies will be developed and tested to automatize the water supply systems to reduce the manual works.

Project Objective: To supply pure drinking water and sustainable water scheme with establishment Water Board Model.

Project Duration: Jan 2022 to Jan 2025

Funding Partner: OXFAM in Nepal

Project Area: Rajpur Municipality

Key Achievements:

  • Water supply scheme completed in Fatuha ward -2 with treatment plant and fully function solar system.
  • Rajpur Municipality ward 4 & 5 Overhead tank was repaired, electrification solar system installed and pump house repaired, and boring repaired fully function in Rajpur.
  • Rajpur drinking water and sanitation Management Board established for better management and sustainable the water scheme.
  • Continuous coordination with local community, management board, Local elected leaders to expand water pipes to every clusters and resolved by common contribution of community.
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