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Nutritional Food Support Programme is conducted in Chandrapur and Rajpur Municipality of Rautahat



The Nutritional Food Support Program 2024, funded by IR Nepal in collaboration with RDC Nepal, aimed to alleviate food insecurity among the impoverished communities of Rajpur and Chandrapur Municipalities. From March 8th to March 12th, 2024, the program was conducted with distribution points established at Chandrapur Mosque, EV Charging Station Chandrapur, Bahuwarwa Mosque, and Damar Madrasa. The initiative was managed by dedicated social mobilizers and volunteers from RDC Nepal, ensuring efficient execution and effective delivery of essential nutritional support to those in need.

Distribution Point Management:

The success of the program heavily relied on the effective management of distribution points. Various desks were set up to streamline the process:

  • Registration and Opening Desk: To register beneficiaries and initiate the distribution process efficiently.
  • Orientation and Venue Management: Providing guidance to beneficiaries and ensuring smooth operations at the distribution venues.
  • Help Desk: Offering assistance and addressing queries or concerns of the beneficiaries.
  • Billing Estimation Desk: Estimating the required amount of food supplies for distribution.
  • Feedback Collection Desk: Gathering feedback from beneficiaries to improve future initiatives.
  • Complaint Desk: Handling complaints, if any, promptly to maintain satisfaction among beneficiaries.
  • Management of Food Sample: Ensuring the quality and integrity of food items distributed.
  • Drinking Water Management: Providing clean drinking water to beneficiaries during the distribution process.
  • First Aid Materials Management: Ensuring availability of first aid materials to address any medical emergencies.
  • Security: Nepal Police provided security at each distribution point to ensure the safety of participants and maintain order.

Logistics and Support:

The program’s logistics were meticulously planned to cater to the diverse needs of the community. Separate queues were designated for different groups, including males, females, individuals with disabilities, pregnant women, and lactating women, facilitating an organized distribution process. The vendor, Brihat Suppliers, supported by personnel like Raman Pokhrel, efficiently managed the collection and distribution of food materials.

Distribution Outcome:

A total of 1635 rightsholders benefitted from the Nutritional Food Support Program, highlighting its success in meeting the dietary requirements of the community members. The distribution process was seamless, thanks to the collaborative efforts of volunteers, support staff, and the efficient management of distribution points.


The program saw the presence of notable visitors from IR Nepal and RDC Nepal, including representatives like Samita Shreshtha from the GARVA Project, Paras Husain the Chairperson of RDC Nepal, and Momtaz Ray Bhant, the project coordinator of the Nutrition Food Support Program. Additionally, key personnel like Meal Officer Prabbhakar Jaiswal and Dharmendra Sah, the Project Coordinator of the GARVA Project, contributed to the successful execution of the program.


The Nutritional Food Support Program 2024 exemplified a commendable effort in addressing food insecurity within Rajpur and Chandrapur Municipality. The collaboration between IR Nepal and RDC Nepal, coupled with the dedication of volunteers and support staff, ensured the successful execution of the event. Such initiatives play a crucial role in promoting community well-being and effectively addressing nutritional needs. Moving forward, continued efforts and collaborations are essential to sustainably tackle food insecurity and improve the overall quality of life for vulnerable communities.


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