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Protection and Community Engagement Sponsorship Technical Program (PCESP)


A. Child Protection: RDC Nepal works to improve both formal and informal community systems dedicated to the protection of women and children, enhance children’s resilience, and minimize harmful practices against children and vulnerable groups. While promoting awareness is important as the first step, more efforts are needed to create enabling systems to sustain the impact of child protection programs and on ending child marriage campaigns. Beyond the system, RDC Nepal is also intentional to engage children more meaningfully and to support children’s leadership including life and protective skills in efforts to promote awareness and to mobilize actions that address child protection issues. RDC Nepal has collaborated with local child rights committees (CRCs) to ensure local policies and services are in place and operational to protect children. The collaborative actions with the local government have promoted child protection initiatives, resources commitment, and policy decisions.

B. Child Sponsorship: Child sponsorship connects sponsors with vulnerable children, creating life-enriching experiences for both. The goal of sponsorship is to improve the well-being of children. In order to thrive, children need to grow up in an environment that provides the essentials they need for today, and hope and opportunities for tomorrow. Sponsorship supports communities to ensure that all children enjoy good health, are educated for life, protected, cared for and involved.

We support in bridging sponsored children with sponsors and helps them overcome the barriers that prevent them from enjoying life in all its fullness. The project activities in communities benefit not just children registered for sponsorship, but all children and their families in that community.

Project Objective:

  • Children, with support from caregivers are resilient and able to respond to CP issues
  • Child Protection systems and services are functional
  • Community including parents, teachers, faith leaders and social leaders are actively engaged in providing protective environment for the children

Project Areas: Garuda & Madhavnarayan Municipality

Technical Partner: World Vision International Nepal

Total Staffs: 37 Full time staffs & 97 Facilitators

Key Achievements:

  1. Delivery of Correspondences and Sponsorship 2.0 interventions at both APs.
  2. Established well-equipped Child Learning Center at CFLG focused 2 wards of working municipalities.
  3. Constructed 11 bio-sand water filter schemes at 11 community schools.
  4. Emergency support interventions and handover gifts to RCs provided by Sponsors.
  5. 251 adolescents among whom 150 are girls, were capacitated on life and protective skills training through 18 Rupantaran sessions. groups.
  6. Supported in formation of 8 Ward level Child Rights Committees and capacity building of members.
  7. Developed Child profile of two municipalities and 5-year periodic action plan for child development.

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