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Sometime, a little support is what we need


Manisha Thapa, MEAL Officer

Puspa Sapkota/Ruchal, resident of Chandrapur municipality ward no. 9, Najarpur is a hardworking teacher of Shree Krishna Pranami primary school since 2006. She was born and raised up in a brahmin family but later she fell in love with a Dalit boy and ran away with him, so she was abandoned by her family.  Her in-laws also did not accept her as a daughter in law that is why she faced lots of problems after her marriage. Her husband is not educated and is a farmer, she is now a mother of 3 children and the only money maker of the house who is battling for her children’s bright future.

“My son and daughter are studying free of cost in this school, the money I earned from here is used for the daily expenses of my house. I am so happy that my children are receiving good education here and I should not worry about their lunch because it is provided by the school itself” says Puspa with a smiling face.

Although her income is very less, she is happy and satisfied with her work because that little support has helped her to raise her family. Despite all the problems of her life, her family manage to stay happy in support of each other.” I could not have managed to run my family if I were not employed here, the school and the principal assistance have lessened most of my hurdles” said Puspa in a small voice.

The school runs only up to class 5 and for higher education the students need to get admissions to other distant schools. During this phase, only few students get new admissions and the remaining do not get chance to rejoin the school due to poor economic condition and negligence of their family. Puspa is also not able to send her daughter who is now studying in class 5 to other school due to financial problems. But with the support of Penny appeal, additional three classrooms construction is going on and the school will expand its classes up to six and gradually increase every year up to class eight. The project is being actively implemented in the school and everyone is so happy by the work that is going on. Puspa thanked Penny Appeal for its respectable work which will help many students to build up a strong foundation education for future with quality education. She said, “I will always be indebted to Penny Appeal for the work it has done for better future of children’s and also expect more good works in future for our school.”


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