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Kamana struggle during lockdown period


Kagati devi das, a resident of ward no 9, Rajbiraj municipality, Saptari district whose daughter died within two years of her marriage. Kagati Devi’s daughter gave birth to a girl child named Kamana kumari das. Kamana lost her mother when she was only 6 months old. Kamana is now 2 years old and she is being raised by her grandmother instead of her father.

Kagati Devi does not own a house due to poor economic condition and is living on rent. She was running a small tea shop before lockdown which was closed later due to COVID 19. It was really hard for her to look after her granddaughter during that period as she had no any source of income. Kamana was living a struggling life when her father was still there but he was already married with another woman. Kagati devi who is already 65 years old was struggling to raise her granddaughter as she had no source of income. Kamana had fallen ill during lockdown period and her grandmother had borrowed money from others for treatment.

After that, with the support of UNICEF and the facilitation of Rural Development Centre Nepal, under the Child Protection Preparedness and Response program on Disaster Management (Covid 19), our objective is to support children under the age of 18 and their families at risk for livelihood. In the process of identifying the children at risk under our project there was also a recommendation of kamana from the ward office and then RS 20,000 was provided under our stipend assistance.

After the assistance, Kagati devi returned back the borrowed money to the lenders and rechecked up kamana. She started selling groceries, tea, chowmein and vegetables from which she is happy to say that she has earned enough money now. She has also informed that she has started saving money in cooperatives along with raising her granddaughter.


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