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Support to School community in Remote Area for Pandemic Prevention & Green Recovery (SGR) of Rautahat District


Project Objective: To improve classroom learning environment and water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in school and to enhance capacity of families and communities for health safety.

Funding Partner: World Education / UNDP / China Foundation

The project aim to support 13 schools of four Municipalities ( Paroha, Rajpur, Isnath and Baudhimai Municipality). The project aim to supports

1 Thermo gun digital infra-red52 Pcs
2Back pack Sprayer and disinfectant liquid26 Pcs
3 Hand Sanitizer1950 Pcs
4Dustbin large size (75-120 Lits)52 Pcs
5Dustbin small size (20-40 Lits)104 Pcs
6Chair  (Plastic Dolphin)260 Pcs
7Broom & Dust pan Sets130 Pcs
8Low table (Wooden)130 Pcs
9Stool (Wooden)130 Pcs
10Desk (Wooden)390 Pcs
11Bench (Wooden)390 Pcs
12 Book Rack130 Pcs
13Toilet Pan Seat26Pcs
14Water Tank ( 500 Ltr)26Pcs
15Toilet Doors26Pcs


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