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Emergency Public Health Response to Vulnerable Communities and Frontline Workers of Rautahat District


Gaur and Chandrapur were the most COVID-19 affected municipalities during the second wave of COVID-19. To address the fatality of the disease, protective gears were provided to hospitals, quarantine and isolation centers, frontline COVID-19 workers, vulnerable and marginalized COVID-19 positive community members. The major goal was to provide safety materials, preventive, and protective information on COVID-19 to the vulnerable and marginalized people that will help them to prevent themselves from the effect of corona virus and ensure their good health and economic stability.

Project Duration: 15 May 2021 to 1 July 2021
Objective: To provide life-saving protective gears against outbreak of COVID-19 in Rautahat district.
Funding Partner: Penny Appeal
Target Area: Chandrapur and Gaur Municipalities of Rautahat district
Total Staffs: 3

Key Achievement

  1. Hospitals, frontline workers and most vulnerable population of Chandrapur and Gaur Municipality were supported with protective materials, hygiene kits and medical equipment’s which helped to save the lives of 500 most poor and marginalized people.
  2. Dissemination of protective and preventive information on COVID-19 outbreak through radio jingles benefitted 106,996 population of Chandrapur and Gaur Municipality.
  3. Support of medical items including oxygen cylinder, mask, thermometer, surgical gloves, handwash, sanitizer, soap like materials has helped to operate COVID-19 two hospital of target palika during the second wave.

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